In the Netherlands, a multi centre cohort was formed by the Dutch Arthritis Foundation (DAF) with over 1000 participants with pain of hip and/or knee expected to develop knee and or hip OA: CHECK (Cohort Hip & Cohort Knee). The objective of CHECK is to study the course of complaints, the mechanisms that cause joint damage, and to identify markers for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as to identify prognostic factors that predict and explain the course of OA.


CHECK is a population-based prospective observational cohort study of 1002 individuals with early symptomatic OA of knee and/or hip. Read more

Inclusion- and exclusion criteria

On entry, all participants had pain of knee or hip, were aged 45-65 years. They had not yet consulted their physician for these symptoms, or the first consultation was within 6 months before entry. Any other pathological condition that could explain the existing complaints was excluded(e.g. other rheumatic disease, previous hip or knee joint replacement, congenital dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans, intra-articular fractures, septic arthritis, Perthes’ Disease, ligament or meniscus damage, plicasyndrome, Bakers cyste). The study was approved by the medical ethics committees of all participating centres, and all participants gave their written informed consent before entering the study.